Zespół Szkół nr 19 we Wrocławiu
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Our school is preparing to take part in the European Comenius programme. On the very first days of the winter break two of our language teachers, Monika Cieślak and Maria Pająk, went to a preparatory meeting in Delmenhorst (Germany), where the whole team of partners worked on the documents essential for our participation in the project.

After we receive the approval from our National Agency, we shall start carrying out the project tasks together with five other countries: Germany (the coordinator), Finland, Italy, Romania, Turkey. We will create a special webpage on our National Parks. Our school will work on the Karkonoski Park Narodowy.

In the photo gallery you will find some photographs of the meeting (Delmenhorst, Bremen, Dornumersiel). You can also see some snapshots of the people working on the application form.

Erasmus + KA1

visits and job shadowing:

1.Maria Rita Salvi http://www.dallachiesa.it/ Italy

video pomo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyPWMzKw6qE

2.Joanna Barone

Secondary High School at Partinico, a town near Palermo in Sicily. http://www.iisdanilodolci.it/

3. Kinga Przedzimirska-Karadeniz http://www.pevkolej.com/pev2013/


Our college is consider as a modern school which is providing holistic education, developing multiply intelligence based on universal values such as wisdom, social justice, equality, tolerance, truth, peace, protecting environment. Our target is to grow our students to become “global citizens" through their education. Such mission can be developing only through international partnership and cooperation. We are putting our effort to offer our students professional and efficient English education. That's why we are open to all kind of international projects.

4. Cristóbal González Cárdenas (Maths teacher and P.E.) IES Fuente Grande Alcalá del Valle, Spain

5. Konstantinos Adamopoulos, Ateny (pusty profil)
3o Γενικό Λύκειο Αιγάλεω Αιγάλεω Ateny, Greece

6. Patrizia Roma, Perrugia, Italy

7. Ankara Turkey



8. Jose Balarrat (Josejuan), Tenerife


9. Paphos, Cypres


10.Yusuf, Balikesir Fatma Emin Kutvar Anadolu Lisesi (40 teachers, 350 sts)


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