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Toolbox 1: Writing article

The main purpose is to inform, interest and engage the reader, so there should be some opinions or comments and not only facts about your topic. Do some research on your topic first. Don't forget to cite the sources in your article! You can also create a survey to collect other partners' opinions and later analyse the results.

General structure

  1. Give your article a title or headline which makes the subject clear and also catches the reader’s attention.
  2. Begin with an interesting introduction – an example, perhaps, or a question. Although you don't know the readers personally, you can address them directly and ask them a rhetorical question. It helps to involve them.
  3. Divide the article into paragraphs to help the reader follow the argument. Include a topic idea in each paragraph.
  4. Give examples where appropriate to bring your article to life.
  5. Use a personal or more neutral style, but not formal (you might use contractions).
  6. To illustrate your article, include your own photos or images which are copyright free images citing the authors correctly.
  7. Give a conclusion or a summary with an overall comment in the last paragraph.

Guidelines and advice to write an article:

Steps to follow:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Brainstorm ideas
  3. Share the work within the team
  4. Collect resources / information
  1. Put ideas on page (team's page)
  2. Organize ideas
  3. Incorporate resources and information collected
  1. Check coherence of content
  2. Re-write for logic and organization (paragraphs)
  3. Choose a catchy title, the subtitles, etc.
EditingProof-read your article: check spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, grammar
PublishingChoose the layout and the illustrations and publish on madmagz (choose a person in your team who will be given a login to do this task)

Opening to involve the reader


Introducing more points

Reporting and giving opinions

Giving opinions

Contrasting points

Making the article lively and interesting 




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