Zespół Szkół nr 19 we Wrocławiu
Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr XI
Gimnazjum nr 20

Student Exchange

L'Aquila near Rome, Italy

The activities that we usually include in our exchanges include some group activities at school, a visit to L'Aquila (which is rich in churches, historical buildings and is situated in a very impressive montainous scenery) and a full-day journey to Rome.

Wrocław - Lunéville - Düren

Szkoła francuska w Lunéville : http://lycee-bichat.fr/

Szkoła niemiecka w Düren k. Cologne


Wroław-Rivoli, Wrocław, k / Turyn, Milan

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Rivoli



Wrocław- Milan

Historical and cultural visits including sightseeing and shared leisure time

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Torello near Barcelona - Rosa Pérez / Carme Silvestre

Our school is in Torelló in the province of Barcelona.

Torelló isn't a tourist resort but we can offer a nice weather, a welcoming atmosphere, trips to wonderful places such as Barcelona and la Costa Brava, Vic


Rosa: Rpfonte2@hotmail.com

Get your head around your English exam

"Studying fun"

Engaging with studying

8 months away from a final exam


stydy with peers to KEEP YOU ALL O TRACK

How can you make studying actively fun?

"Finding ways to have fun while studying.

How to gamify your studies

Create the study aids of puzzles, quizzes, flashcards

combining studying with fun

Turning studying into a game with friends

Feel free to be ridiculous- going around the house singing songs about Chemistry while pretending to be Henry VIII

Go for it, make studying fun!

be on top of your readings and your homework.

Don't stress out over your English exam


overcome procrastination and get more organized.

it is so easy to get sucked into a black hole of distractions.

Part 1: Getting Ready

1.Prepare your space–but don’t overdo it.

2. Get rid of distractions.

3. Make a study schedule.

Part 2: The Studying

1.Don’t just read; engage with your notes.

Budding European Reporters


The project has been designed to foster the students' spoken, written and communicative skills in English, through hands-on, collaborative, empowering activities that will foster their entrepreneurial spirit.
Students will be guided to combine verbal and visual languages right from their profile editing.
They will do photo and/or video reportages about their daily lives which will include both textual and verbal comments.
They will work in mixed international teams to write collaborative newsreports.
They will host video-conferences and conduct interviews on issues relating to the partner countries.
They will do a collaborative videoreport to document the project activities
They will gather and publish the project materials in a digital magazine/website.

Work process

The project has been laid down with the contribution of the teachers involved. As creator of the project I will act as coordinator, but part of the work and responsibiities will be shared among teachers and students.
Activities will take place from late October to late May, and will be scheduled around partners' availability.
Students of partner schools will interact in asynchronous modality to comment through textual and verbal channels on each other's products (such as picture editing, photo/video reportages, collaborative newsreport writing). They will interact in synchronous modality during the conference calls interviews which are an essential part of this project.
They will be paired off in mixed international teams for collaborative tasks (newsreport writing, collaborative video production, digital magazine/website).

Expected results

The final product will be a "Budding European Reporters Newspaper" created using Google Docs with Google Apps for Education.
A video will document the partner students' experience and activities during the project: "The Budding European Reporters Journey".
Much of the asynchronous interactions & activities between partner students will take place on the "Budding European Reporters" Facebook Group page:
The following Twinspace features will be used: Profile Editing, Mail system, Twinspace Pages and Forums.
The following tools will be used: Whatsapp, Google Mail, Google Drive, Facebook (Closed Group Page);
the collaborative, multimedia slide show: www.voicethread.com;
the real time collaborative writing text editor www.meetingword.com
Some of the above apps/tools might be replaced by more interactive, time saving, students' and teachers' friendly ones.

Italy Chieti - Rosalba Scire

www.convittogbvico.gov.it http://www.facebook.com/liceogbvicoch

Liceo Classico G.B.Vico, Chieti, Italy.

Our school is a state –run school and has about 350 pupils (www.convittogbvico.gov.it http://www.facebook.com/liceogbvicoch) - This school is a general educational school (non-vocational) - It’s also a mixed school (how many boys and girls there are in a class depends mainly on the section they’re in) - We want to exchange with our 15-18 year old pupils (our so called 2nd/3nd/4nd grade) - The main subjects are : Italian language and literature, Latin,Greek, History, Mats, Science, Art, Geography - The classes have been studying English for 3/4 years; it’s also their first year they take Spanish courses.

About the exchange: - We would like to exchange for about 14 days (7 in Italy and 7 in your country) - Your pupils will be hosted in the families of our pupils and vice versa.

- During your stay in Italy, we’ll integrate some lessons, visits to cities or interesting touristic places, sports and teambuilding, other activities (of course feel free to make suggestions for our programs!); we will visit our Museums dedicated to archeology and ancient History of Italy ;if you like,we could organize an excursion to the sea or to the mountain,both are far from our city about 20 minutes. Also we organize various activities at school and we are ready to welcome your suggestions.

The families warmly welcome your pupils and will be happy to spend time with them. - During your stay in Italy, we’ll pay the activities (and transport) of the whole group, the hotel and the food of the teachers, the transport to and from the airport of the group. We expect the same when our pupils are visiting your school.

I'm looking forward to hear from you!

What is it like to be a teenager in high school where you live? The participating students will collaborate on creating an online blog through which the they will explore similarities and differences being a teenager in different parts of Europe today. Each month the blog will have a new focal point, and we are aiming at exploring the educational, cultural and social diversities of the participants.

Twinspace will be used, and the students will be encouraged to and expected to communicate with their partners as much as possible, using the various communication tools available, including video conferencing.

The project aims at developing the students' spoken, written & communicative skills in the English language, possibly but not necessarily, ahead of a mobility period.
It actively engages them in videoreporting/photoreporting and newsreporting verbal and written activities to develop their European citizenship and to foster their entrepreneurial spirit.


In addition to enhancing the students’ English language skills both orally and in writing, a major target of this project is to provide an opportunity to work together with and learn to know their peers in other parts of Europe, receiving and providing new insight and new perspectives, and – hopefully and ultimately – make them more conscious and curious citizens of the international community.

Work process

The co-founder of the project and I have already established very good communication, which is decisive for a successful project, naturally. We communicate by mail as of now, but will of course exploit other communication tools available in Twinspace. Close communication is essential.

Furthermore, a successful project is dependent on the participating students’ sense of ownership to the project. Thus, we have so far merely sketched an outline from September 2017 to February 2018; Different aspects of the students' everyday life will be a focal point each month in the app 6 months the project will last, such as their home town or local community, what type of food do they eat, music interests, topics the students themselves would like to include. Most likely there will be variation concerning distribution of student responsibility.

Expected results

A. Concerning students

o Enhanced quality of education with the eTwinning project: More motivated and involved students should also make them learn more, and more effectively
o Enhanced insight into, knowledge about and respect for people from other countries and cultures
o Enhanced English language skills, general communicative and, in particular, inter-cultural communicative skills, in addition to ICT skills

B. Conc personal professional development

o Collaborating closely on this project together with one (or perhaps two) European colleague(s), is bound to inspire to professional growth, whether it will be in the field of methods of teaching writing skills ie, or use of social media.
o Since I am the only teacher of the English major courses at my high school, the project will provide me with colleagues in an international environment.

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