Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr XI
im. Stanisława Konarskiego
we Wrocławiu

Homework in 21st century

(October) Conversational English

Bob's your uncle, easy-peasy

Gobsmacked, to loose the plot


(September) The story of my daily life

1) Take 5 photos of 5 moments in your daily routine during the week (not weekend)

and write down the exact time you took it.

photo 1 - 7-8 am

photo 2 - 10-11 am

photo 3 - 2-3 pm

photo 4 - 5-6 pm

photo 5 - at any time you choose

You can record the sound around you at that time of the day.

2) Write a comment for each photo, what daily routine it represents exactly, what you do at that time of the day.

Is it a time you like or not, and why?

Write what you do at the same time on a week-end day. How is it different.

.ppt presentation using Microsoft Office

.odp presentation using Open Office Impress

+ add the audio extracts of the 5 moments in the presentation to make it livelier!

YOU ARE GOING TO PRESENT YOUR STORY IN THE CLASS on 11th of September. (waga oceny 2)

Find someone who... continually worrying about not doing well in their exams

....never used to tydy up unless they were told to

...had a childhood best friend they would often play with always forgetting things

....used to live in a different town or city

....will usually text their friends if they are going to be late

....would never go to sleep without the light on when they were a child.

....was going to study last year but ended up doing something else.

....can remember being about to say something they shouldn't but stopping themselves in time.

....didn't used to have as many friends as they do now.



How can you express your feelings when you don't have the words?

It can be hard to find the right words to express how you feel. That’s where music comes in...

Act out adjectives - link

True colours

Past Perfect


Present Perfect and Past Simple

1 Complete the sentences. Use the past simple or present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

1 I __________________haven’t watched________________________________ (not watch) a film for ages.

2 Dave _______________has read_________________________________ (read) all the Harry Potter books.

3 Jane _______________hasn’t been_________________________________ (not go) to the doctor’s since last year.

4 My little sister ________walked________________________________ (walk) into town on her own yesterday.

5 I ___________________told________________________________ (tell) you last week that your cousin was coming to stay.

6 ___________Have you ever done__________________________________________ (you / ever / do) a bungee jump?

7 __________________Did you send___________________________________ (you / send) an email to Tom yesterday?

8 I _________________enjoyed____________________________________ (enjoy) my summer holiday, but it was a long time ago!

Hi Ben

I’m having a great time in Los Angeles. We 1__arrived_______ here on Friday and we 2__have done_______ so much since then. On Saturday, we 3_____went____ to Disneyland. It was brilliant, but actually, I 4_enjoyed______ Universal Studios more because the rides were so good. We 5_have eaten lots of different types of food since we got here, but the Chinese meal we had yesterday was definitely my favourite.

Hope the weather 6 __has been__ good in England! See you soon!


Christmas together.

Christmas kahoot: Your class code is: 82BJ3

1) Soundtrack - guess what the story is about?

2) 6 Screenshots per group - what is going to happen?

Team 1:

Team 2:

Team 3:

Team 4:

Team 5:

3) Jigsaw watching in pairs

4) Freeze! What would you do? What is going to happen next

While watching: put the screenshots in order.

What was the dad doing while the girl was dancing?

Christmas comercial:

Aplication: buzzer

Choose one representative for each group. the one who knows the answer first, presses the button.

Memory master:

  1. What is the girl's jacket?
  2. What is the name of the competition?
  3. What colour are the girls headphones?
  4. What is the father ironing?
  5. Is it snowing when they are outside?
  6. What is the girl's mum doing?


WHat are they doing in different scenes?

Choose the Activities and put them in order:



Fishing for words: collect words connected with Christmas


Did she win the talent show?


She;s blogging. What did she write on her blog after this event>

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